Why courage is essential for true healing

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“Courage is the resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear” -Mark Twain

No healing can truly take place without going deeply inside ourselves to uncover the hidden aspects of our being that have been holding us back. Our thoughts, beliefs and most of all our shadows that have been influencing our lives to this point.

Taking the path of self-discovery will be the most courageous journey, you will ever embark upon in your life and the most rewarding. To go beyond our fears and overcome the shadow aspects of ourselves to bring forth our full potential, requires courage, self-acceptance and love.

We spend so much time mastering physical courage that we’ve forgotten how to go inside and master the mind to create a state of inner peace free from our limiting beliefs and shadow selves from which our gifts can blossom -so that it’s the Will of our Higher Self that directs the symphony of our lives…harmonizing our inner and outer world with the notes of cooperation, compassion, acceptance, passion, joy and love.  

During this time of transformation, we may be experiencing new fears and old fears rising to the surface. At times our fears may seem bigger than us and may cause us to fall into despair so rather than drawing closer to ourselves – we may feel ourselves pulling back. 

At those times, I have found myself struggling to get my daily prayer and meditation practice going. Not understanding what was keeping me from going within I would feel frustrated and restless. Until one day, sitting quietly in contemplation, I realized that I was afraid. I was afraid to go within and face my inner critic. An aspect of myself that I created with all my negative thoughts, feelings, believes and programming. That realization really helped me to overcome my fears and harness the power of courage to begin doing the inner work of understanding why and how I came to have these limiting beliefs, thoughts, feelings and attachments, 

going deeply within, so that I can clear the blocks and free myself from the patterns that prevent me from living my best life.

Self-inquiry or self-observation are so important in our journey to true healing. 

This is where daily meditation practices, rituals and journaling are essential tools in supporting you on your path of progression and healing. 

When you couple the inner work with ancient healing modalities, such as the Life Activation, you are bringing in light to help speed up the process of clearing blocks and old patterns while activating your innate gifts and abilities that thus far have gone untapped. When we heal our self, we heal the world.

“Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can’t practice the other virtues consistently” -Maya Angelou

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  1. Nelia Watten
    | Reply

    NOW in this exact moment in history
    courage is the key to stand up to speak out to transform ourselves.
    COURAGE to elevate self and society.
    It’s dedicated WORK.
    Thank you for reminding us we must
    CREATE the space where our courage will live and our spirit will soar.

    • Norita Parker
      | Reply

      Beautiful Nelia. So true. Thank you for your comment.

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